Remote Monitoring

Here at Dorset Vision we offer a range of security solutions, but we specialise in working with CCTV, including the use of remote monitoring. Remote CCTV monitoring systems can help to protect your home, business or commercial property from any criminal or environmental damage by allowing you to have access to viewing it when you are not able to be there yourself.

The remote CCTV monitoring software works through the internet, by connecting to a response centre through broadband (but also possible through conventional telephone lines). If any activity is detected by the system, an alert is sent to the remote monitoring station, which them supplies footage from your cameras that is routed to the operator’s monitoring screen, so it can be confirmed whether there is any unusual activity on the premises.

When your remote CCTV monitoring equipment is activated in this way, it allows the user to pan and zoom-in the cameras in order to find the cause of why the alert was raised. Also, remote monitoring offers safety for end users as it can be used for loan working on commercial and industrial sites. When considering how to setup remote CCTV monitoring, it is important to make sure that multiple cameras are used in order to view the site from various angles, ensuring there are no blind spots.

Immediate action can be taken upon seeing an intruder, or any other kind of problem, so the emergency services can be notified, as well as the keyholder of the site. Should an intruder be on the property, they will also be alerted about the CCTV remote monitoring, helping to deter any serious theft or damage.

At Dorset Vision, we offer a bespoke service that can include CCTV remote monitoring as part of your personal package. We offer our own 3G Broadband facilities, which allows the CCTV to be viewed remotely and monitored from any location.