Dorset Vision not only works within commercial settings but can also offer a range of security services within domestic settings. You can be confident about our home security solutions, given our experience in the public and private sector for commercial purposes. We offer the best possible service to our customers, with installations always carried out by an engineer who specialises in the specific area required.

Burglaries are always a possibility, and their unpredictability means it’s always better to be safe than sorry with the right home security employed in your property. Anyone who has ever experienced the misfortune of such an incidence will know how stressful and traumatic it can be to have someone break into your home.

You can rest assured with Dorset Vision that we are expert home security providers.

We aim to prevent the fallout of any break-ins, by protecting your home, offering a range of solutions to suits various budgets. Evidence even suggests that the mere fact of having a security system in place can discourage burglars, preventing 93% of burglars from even approaching a property.

We are a family-run business, so we understand the human side of what we do, and the true cost of break-ins being more than monetary. We are experts in our field, using the most innovative technology that is available to us. So, if you’re looking for a home alarm company with the latest security solutions, we will make sure to keep your family and home safe.


Burglaries are an unfortunate fact of life which are increasing each year. When this happens it can be a traumatic and stressful experience.

At Dorset Vision we are experts in home security systems including CCTV, Being a family run business we understand the need to want to protect those around you.


We are here to help you prevent emotional stress caused by being a victim of burglary by protecting your property with our range of security systems available for all consumer budgets.

It has been proven that having a security system in place prevents 93% of Burglars from approaching a property.

As experts in this field, we use the latest technology available on the market to create innovative home security systems, to ensure your family and your home are kept safe.